Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Pre-order New Tom Savage Record Today!

Calling on all of my friends and fans, I'm so excited to share with you the news of my impending album release. My eighth record! I think you guys are really going to dig this music. A bit of a shift in styles for me, more of a pop/indie vibe on some of the tracks. I'm very proud of how this record turned out. Muchos gracias to Zane Whitfield, Dylan Lodge, and Phil Bova for sculpting the sounds.

And the band! Oh my God! It's a pure joy to hear the keyboard mastery of Tony Silvestri on this record. In his element, with Fender Rhodes and Hammond Organ as his tools. You can't beat those tones and the skill with which he manipulates those instruments.

Anyone who has seen Bonz Bowering perform live know that the 'Animal' t-shirt he sometimes wears certainly befits his on stage persona. We did our best to capture some of his lightning in the recording bottle on this project. Ultimately, I was most impressed with his tasteful, thoughtful approach to the songs. Chills.

My childhood friend, Seamus Cowan, rounds out the band. Seamus, a late bloomer by musical standards, came to my Mom's house in Westport at the age of 18, looking for bass guitar instruction. After showing him a couple of Led Zeppelin and Hendrix tunes, my most important instruction was to send him on to Zak Colbert (legendary Kingston bassist), where he soared to the depths of the low end. So happy to work with Seamus on a project after all these years. His tone and approach are amazing. Not to mention his impeccable harmony vocal work ( and one helluva scream!!).

I've got an LA-based radio promo team ready to push the songs to stations across North America. I'm hiring a publicist to spread the word to the print media. This costs money. Lots of it! I need your help friends. You can pitch in to help the cause for as little as $5! https://www.gofundme.com/tomsavagealbum8
Please share and help spread the word!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Al Duquette CD release

It's official! The long-awaited debut from Al Duquette is now available. We had a great time celebrating with Al & friends at Musiikki Cafe in Kingston this past Friday.

You can now stream and download Al's record on Bandcamp.